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Defending life
from conception to natural death



Show solidarity with people with disabilities and celebrate World Down's Syndrome Day on 21st March

Posted by Jack Francis on 15 March 2012

There are, on average, about 570 abortions everyday in the UK.

Every single one of these abortions is a tragedy with at least two victims: a wounded mother and a dead child. But everybody is affected by abortion.

The right to life from conception is particularly threatened if a child has a disability. In the UK around 94% of children prenatally diagnosed with Down’s syndrome are aborted. This is eugenic genocide, and as citizens of the UK we live in a eugenic state. In the future I will post about the seriously misleading way in which unborn children are deemed to be likely to have disabilities.

On Wednesday March 21st, and in the days leading up to World Down's Syndrome Day, we want you to support SPUC's efforts to show solidarity with people with disabilities by writing letters to local and national newspapers, calling-in to radio debates, posting something on Facebook, holding a fundraiser (like a pub quiz) and supporting the work of No Less Human.

To begin with you can 'Like' this post on Facebook by clicking the button below and you can share this post with others. You can also watch and share an excellent video, which can be viewed on Youtube.

We will posting more about World Down's Syndrome Day and eugenics in the coming days. Stay tuned...

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