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40 Days for Life launch new campaign with fantastic event

Posted by Jack Francis on 16 February 2012

Daniel Blackman wrote earlier this week about the various pro-life events organised by the 40 Days for Life team that took place last weekend.

On Monday I had the privilege of attending the 40 Days for Life 'Cast the Vision' event at the Brompton Oratory.

The event included inspiring talks from members of the local 40 Days for Life London team and from the American founders of the international 40 Days for Life campaign. The room was packed and extra seats had to be brought in throughout the event as late-comers arrived.

The whole event was exceptionally well organised and a credit to the 40 Days for Life London team, who give up hours and hours of time to serve unborn children and mothers in crisis pregnancies, often in the face of fierce opposition.

Robert Colquhoun, the chief organiser of the London campaign, introduced each of the speakers and reminded everyone of the aim of 40 Days for Life to help bring an end to abortion through prayer, fasting and peaceful pro-life witness.

Poppy McDonald, who co-ordinates the 40 day vigil outside the BPAS abortion centre in Bedford Square, spoke about the joy of being involved in life-saving work.

Philip McDonald related his experience as a regular member of the campaign and the incredible experience of witnessing a woman decide to choose life for her baby.

Chris Slattery from New York, who operates twelve crisis pregnancy centres, spoke about the incredible difference that individuals can make to the pro-life movement. Chris has been a leading member of the pro-life community in America for decades and has co-ordinated peaceful pro-life activism in some of the most dangerous parts of New York.

David Bereit, one of the founding members of the international 40 Days for Life campaign, told the audience how the campaign began. The founders of the 40 Days for Life campaign never expected their efforts to go beyond their own town - next week 40 Days for Life campaigns will begin in 251 locations around the world!

Shawn Carney was the last to speak and urged the audience to sign-up for the campaign. Shawn spoke, among other things, about the incredible experience of holding a baby in his arms of a mother who had decided against abortion when visiting an abortion centre where he was praying and fasting.

40 Days for Life will begin on 22 February. There will be a 40 day pro-life prayer vigil opposite the BPAS abortion centre in Bedford Square, London. 40 Days for Life will also be holding campaigns in Manchester, Birmingham, and Brighton. If you live in or near any of these cities please give serious thought to joining them. If there isn't pro-life activity in your area, then you're the person to start it. As David Bereit says, when we face doubts and trials: "do it anyway!"

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