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Marie Stopes employee in the UK turns whistleblower

Posted by Dan Blackman on 4 December 2012

Below is a hard hitting report by Dennis Rice and Rachel Ellis and published in The Daily Mail 7 years ago (2005). Sometimes a nurse, doctor, or administrator working for an abortion organisation turns whistleblower and reveals the workings of an abortion unit or an abortion organisation.

Powerful examples include Dr. Bernard Nathanson who was an abortionist and founded NARAL (known as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, when first founded). Nathanson abandoned the pro-abortion organisation, in large part following the routine use of ultrasound which became a window into the womb and the life of the child before birth, and circles he moved in. He became a pro-life advocate for the unborn and helped produce two well known films "The Silent Scream" and "Eclipse of Reason" which highlighted the humanity of the unborn child and the wickedness of abortion.

Carol Everett owned a chain of abortion centres in America during the 80s. By her own admission she is responsible for the deaths of 35,000 unborn babies, 1 mother, and the injuring of at least 19 mothers who required serious surgery following an abortion. Carol's descent into the abortion industry began when she had her third child aborted following pressure from her then husband and doctor. We've written about Carol before on the blog, which includes a shocking video interview, where she explains the the plan to sell abortion to teenage girls and young women had and its relevance today.

Dr. Anthony Levantino MD JD is an American obstetrician gynaecologist. From June 1993 until September 2000, he was associate professor of OB-GYN at the Albany Medical College, and has served in private practises all of his career. From 1981 through February 1985, he performed approximately 1200 abortions. Over 100 of them were second-trimester Suction D&E procedures up to 24 weeks gestation, a procedure so terrible in its killing of the child that very few were willing to do it. However, Dr. Levantino is now a pro-life doctor and advocate. This year he gave a powerful testimony about his life and the true nature of abortion procedures.

Abby Johnson is probably the most well known person to leave the abortion industry and become an effective pro-life voice. Abby worked for planned parenthood in America, eventually becoming a director of Planned Parenthood in Texas. Her personal involvement in an abortion, and the image on the ultrasound screen, was a turning point. Abby's rejection of abortion was also influenced by 40 Days for Life, which held peaceful prayer vigils outside the centre where Abby worked. She has since given numerous interviews and written several books. People who have worked in the abortion industry, together with mothers who have sadly had abortions, and then become pro-life, can make powerful spokespersons and defenders of the unborn, yet largely ignored by the mainstream media and pro-abortion groups they once inhabited. Other recent examples can be found, just do a simple word search on LifeSite News.

You'll notice all of these come from America. It seems even more difficult to find such examples in the UK, but there are examples of whistleblowers.

One example that people may not know about is from 2005, when an employee of abortionists Marie Stopes in Brixton South London left her job and revealed that staff were being given or withheld pay bonus incentives based on the number of "clients" (mothers) having NHS-paid abortions. The employee, Ms Georgiou, reported that staff were told to hit targets of 50 abortions a day, rather than 20-30. According to the report, Marie Stopes

"concedes that staff do receive performance-related awards and agrees that employees at the South London clinic were told to increase their 'efficiency and capacity' if they wanted to receive the full amount".

This is truly shocking. So, please read the article below. Turn this into action - order pro-life leaflets from SPUC and put them through letterboxes. Sign up for our Newsletter email updates, donate to keep our work going, join or start a local SPUC branch in your area, so there will be an effective grass roots pro-life team where you live, for the sake of those in need and the most vulnerable - the children in the womb in danger of being killed.

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