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Lobbying MPs and Lords

At SPUC, we work closely with the Westminster government and the devolved governments at Holyrood, the Welsh Assembly, and Stormont.

We work to keep people informed about key issues coming before all the UK parliaments/assemblies, whether in the form of new laws, regulations or other measures.

Find out who your MP is and how they rate on pro-life issues.

It's critically important to have strong, principled pro-life voices in our parliaments and assemblies, ensuring that politicians and governments are briefed on how laws and policies impact the right to life. Measures such as the Abortion Act have an obvious impact on denying the right to life of unborn children, but policies on assisted suicide, embryo abuse, sex education, living-wills, and many other issues have more or less direct impact on the right to live.

SPUC in Parliament

We're working to block anti-life legislation, such as proposals to reduce the very weak safeguards in the Abortion Act even further. In the past the abortion industry has lobbied for abortions to be authorised by nurses instead of doctors, and to drop the requirement for abortions to be limited to registered premises. We've helped to stop these changes, as well as fighting other measures relating to test-tube babies and people at risk from 'assisted dying.'

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Contact your MP

It's your democratic right to lobby your MP on whatever issues matter to you, so let them know you care strongly about protecting life!

As well as your MP, you can also write to other politicians, such as members of the House of Lords, your local councillors, and MEPs.

Find out who your MP is and write to them here.

Contact a Lord

In general, SPUC recommends lobbying Lords by post rather than by email, because Lords are more likely to read, take seriously and reply to postal letters.

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