Lords A to C parliamentary email addresses

In general, SPUC recommends lobbying Lords by post rather than by email, because Lords are more likely to read, take seriously and reply to postal letters. You can write to any Lord at: House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW. If you do lobby a Lord by email, SPUC does not recommend emailing more than one Lord at a time - for this and other reasons (e.g. anti-spam), the email address of each Lord listed below is hidden behind a link. Clicking on a link should launch your computer's default email programme (alternatively, right-click on the link, select 'copy' or 'copy email address' and paste the address into the To field of a new email message).In any email message you send to lobby a Lord:

  • the To field should only contain one Lord's email address, and the Cc and Bcc fields left blank.
  • the Subject line should be short and clear e.g. "Please vote against [...] bill on [date]".
  • start with one of the following salutations:
  • Lord (or Viscount, Earl etc) as "Dear Lord [surname]"
  • Baroness as "Dear Lady [surname]"
  • Archbishop or Duke as "Your Grace"
  • Bishop as "My Lord"
  • write in your own words, and keep it brief and courteous.
  • end "Yours sincerely".
  • add your real full name and at least the town/city where you live, if not your full postal address.

Please remember always to forward any replies you receive from Lords to Anthony Ozimic, SPUC political secretary

The list below was updated on Thursday 16 October 2008 at 16:16. If a Lord you wish to email doesn't appear on this list or a Lord's email address 'bounces', please email Anthony Ozimic, SPUC political secretary

Acton, Lord (Richard) (Lab)

Adams of Craigielea, Baroness (Irene) (Lab)

Addington, Lord (Dominic) (LD)

Adebowale, Lord (Victor) (ind) (alternative email address)

Adonis, Lord (Andrew) (Lab) (alternative email address)

Ahmed, Lord (Nazir) (Lab)

Alderdice, Lord (John) (LD)

Allenby of Megiddo, Viscount (ind) (alternative email address)

Alli, Lord (Waheed) (Lab)

Alliance, Lord (David) (LD)

Alton of Liverpool, Lord (David) (ind)

Amos, Baroness (Valerie) (Lab)

Ampthill, Lord (Geoffrey Russell) (ind)

Anderson of Swansea, Lord (Donald) (Lab) (secretary's email address)

Andrews, Baroness (Kay) (Lab) (alternative email address)

Anelay of St Johns, Baroness (Joyce) (Con)

Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr Rowan Williams) (alternative email address)

Archbishop of York (Dr John Sentamu) (alternative email address)

Archer of Sandwell, Lord (Lab) (alternative email address)

Archer of Weston-super-Mare, Lord (Jeffrey) (ind)

Armstrong, Lord (Robert) (ind)

Arran, Earl of (Con)

Ashcroft, Lord (Michael) (Con) (alternative email address)

Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hambdon, Lord (Paddy) (LD)

Ashley of Stoke, Lord (Jack) (Lab)

Ashton of Upholland, Baroness (Catherine) (Lab)

Astor of Hever, Lord (John) (Con)

Astor, Viscount (William) (Con)

Attlee, Earl (John) (Con)

Avebury, Lord (Eric) (LD) (alternative email address)

Bach, Lord (Willy) (Lab)

Bagri, Lord (Raj) (Con)

Baker of Dorking, Lord (Kenneth) (Con)

Baldwin of Bewdley, Earl (Edward) (ind)

Ballyedmond, Lord (Edward Haughey) (Con) (alternative email address)

Barber of Tewkesbury, Lord (Derek) (ind)

Barker, Baroness (Elizabeth) (LD)

Barnett, Lord (Joel) (Lab)

Bates, Lord (Michael) (Con) (alternative email address)

Bassam of Brighton, Lord (Steven) (Lab)

Bell, Lord (Tim) (Con) (alternative email address)

Berkeley, Lord (Anthony) (Lab)

Bernstein of Craigweil, Lord (Lab)

Best, Lord (Richard) (ind)

Bew, Lord (Paul) (ind) (alternative email address)

Bhatia, Lord (Amirali) (ind)

Bhattacharyya, Lord (Sushantha) (Lab)

Bilimoria, Lord (Karan) (ind) (alternative email address)

Billingham, Baroness (Angela) (Lab)

Bilston, Lord (Dennis Turner) (Lab) (secretary's email address)

Bingham of Cornhill, Lord (Thomas) (Law Lord)

Birt, Lord (John) (ind)

Bishop of Bath and Wells (Peter Price) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Carlisle (Graham Dow) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Chelmsford (John Gladwin)

Bishop of Chester (Peter R Forster)

Bishop of Chichester (John Hind) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Coventry (Colin Bennetts)

Bishop of Durham (Tom Wright) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Ely (Anthony Russell) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Exeter (Michael Langrish)

Bishop of Leicester (Tim Stevens) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Liverpool (James Jones) (alternative email address)

Bishop of London (Richard Chartres) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Manchester (Nigel McCulloch) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Newcastle (Martin Wharton)

Bishop of Norwich (Graham James) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Peterborough (Ian Cundy)

Bishop of Portsmouth (Kenneth Stevenson) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Ripon and Leeds (John Parker) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Rochester (Dr Michael Nazir-Ali)

Bishop of Salisbury (David Stancliffe) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Sheffield (Jack Nicholls) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Southwark (Tom Butler)

Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham (George Cassidy)

Bishop of St. Albans (Christopher Herbert) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Truro (William Ind) (alternative email address)

Bishop of Winchester (Michael Scott-Joynt) (alternative email address)

Blackstone, Baroness (Tessa) (Lab) (alternative email address)

Blackwell, Lord (Norman) (Con)

Blaker, Lord (Peter) (Con)

Blood, Baroness (May) (Lab)

Blyth of Rowington, Lord (James) (Con) (alternative email address)

Bonham-Carter, Baroness (Jane) (LD) (secretary's email address)

Boothroyd, Baroness (Betty) (ind)

Borrie, Lord (Gordon) (Lab) (alternative email address)

Boston of Faversham, Lord (Terence) (ind)

Bottomley of Nettlestone, Baroness (Virginia)

Bowness, Lord (Peter) (Con)

Boyce, Lord (Admiral Michael) (ind)

Boyd of Duncansby, Lord (Colin David) (Lab)

Brabazon of Tara, Lord (Ivan) (ind)

Bradley, Lord (Keith) (Lab)

Bradshaw, Lord (Bill) (LD) (alternative email address)

Bramall, Lord (Edwin)

Bragg, Lord (Melvyn) (Lab)

Brennan, Lord (Dan) (Lab) (alternative email address)

Brett, Lord (William) (Lab)

Bridgeman, Viscount (Robin) (Con)

Bridges, Lord (Thomas) (ind)

Briggs, Lord (Asa) (ind)

Brittan, Lord (Leon) (Con) (alternative email address)

Broers, Lord (Alec) (ind) (alternative email address)

Brooke of Alverthorpe, Lord (Clive) (Lab)

Brooke of Sutton Mandeville, Lord (Peter) (Con)

Brookeborough, Viscount (Alan) (ind)

Brookman, Lord (David) (Lab)

Brooks of Tremorfa, Lord (John) (Lab)

Brougham and Vauz, Lord (Michael) (Con)

Brown of Easton-under-Heywood, Lord (Simon) (Law Lord)

Browne of Belmont, Lord (Wallace) (ind)

Browne of Madingley, Lord (John) (ind)

Browne-Wilkinson, Lord (Nicholas) (ind)

Burnett, Lord (John) (LD)

Burns, Lord (Terence) (alternative email address)

Buscombe, Baroness (Peta) (Con)

Butler, Lord (Robin) (ind) (alternative email address)

Butler-Sloss, Baroness (Elizabeth) (ind) (secretary's email address)

Buxton of Alsa, Lord (Aubrey) (ind)

Byford, Baroness (Hazel) (Con)

Caithness, Earl of (Malcolm) (Con)

Cameron, Lord (Ewen) (ind)

Cameron of Lochbroom, Lord (Kenneth) (ind)

Campbell of Alloway, Lord (Alan) (Con)

Campbell of Surbiton, Baroness (Jane) (ind)

Campbell Savours, Lord (Dale) (Lab)

Carey of Clifton, Lord (Dr George) (alternative email address)

Carlile of Berriew, Lord (Alex) (ind)

Carnegy of Lour, Baroness (Con)

Carr of Hadley, Lord (Robert) (Con)

Carrington, Lord (Peter) (Con) (alternative email address)

Carswell, Lord (Robert) (Law Lord)

Carter of Barnes, Lord (Stephen) (Lab)

Carter of Coles, Lord (Patrick) (Lab) (alternative email address)

Cathcart, Earl (Charles) (Con)

Cavendish of Furness, Lord (Richard) (alternative email address) (secretary's email address)

Chadlington, Lord (Peter) (Con) (alternative email address) (secretary's email address)

Chalfont, Lord (Alun) (ind)

Chalker of Wallasey, Baroness (Lynda) (Con) (alternative email address)

Chandos, Viscount (Thomas) (Lab) (alternative email address)

Chapman, Baroness (Nicola) (ind) (secretary's email address)

Chidgey, Lord (David) (LD) (ind)

Chilver, Lord (Henry) (Con)

Chitnis, Lord (Pratap) (ind)

Cholmondeley, Marquess of (David) (ind)

Chorley, Lord (Roger) (ind)

Christopher, Lord (Anthony) (Lab)

Clark of Calton, Baroness (Lynda) (ind)

Clark of Windermere, Lord (David) (Lab)

Clarke of Hampstead, Lord (Anthony) (Lab)

Clement-Jones, Lord (Timothy) (LD)

Clinton-Davis, Lord (Stanley) (Lab)

Clyde, Lord (James) (ind)

Cobbold, Lord (David) (ind) (alternative email address)

Coe, Lord (Sebastian) (Con) (secretary's email address)

Cohen of Pimlico, Baroness (Janet) (Lab) (alternative email address)

Colville of Culross, Viscount (John) (ind)

Colwyn, Lord (Anthony) (Con)

Condon, Lord (Paul) (ind)

Cope of Berkeley, Lord (John) (Con)

Corbett of Castle Vale, Lord (Robin) (Lab)

Corston, Baroness (Jean) (Lab)

Cotter, Lord (Brian) (LD)

Courtown, Earl of (James) (Con)

Coussins, Baroness (Jean) (ind)

Cox, Baroness (Caroline) (ind) (alternative email address)

Craig of Radley, Lord (Marshal of the RAF David) (ind)

Craigavon, Lord (Janric) (ind)

Crathorne, Lord (James) (Con) (alternative email address)

Crawford and Balcarres, Earl of (Robert) (Con)

Crawley, Baroness (Christine) (Lab) (alternative email address)

Crickhowell, Lord (Roger) (Con) (alternative email address)

Crisp, Lord (Nigel) (ind)

Croham, Lord (Douglas) (ind)

Cuckney, Lord (John) (Con) (alternative email address)

Cullen of Whitekirk, Lord (Douglas) (ind)

Cumberlege, Baroness (Julia) (Con)

Cunningham of Felling, Lord (Jack) (Lab)

Currie of Marylebone, Lord (David) (ind)

Lords D to G