Pro-suicide lobby calls COVID-19 a “unique opportunity” to secure video-call euthanasia

24 March 2020


A pro-suicide organisation has labelled the Coronavirus pandemic, a “unique opportunity” to secure “telehealth” euthanasia where vulnerable people can obtain lethal drugs via a video-call without meeting a doctor. Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said: “It is utterly deplorable how during a time when the world has united to save human lives, the pro-death lobby is advocating for ‘convenient’ suicide laws.”

A fundraising email, distributed by Kim Callinan, President and Chief Executive of pro-suicide lobby, Compassion and Choices, states that amidst the Coronavirus crisis vulnerable people should be permitted to obtain lethal drugs via a video-call, without ever meeting a doctor.

The email reads: “As always, we are responding quickly to the needs and opportunities of the times. As the workforce grapples with the pandemic, telehealth is gaining prominence as a critical mode of delivering medical care. This provides a unique opportunity to make sure health systems and doctors are using telehealth, where appropriate, for patients trying to access end-of-life care options. These efforts should improve access to medical aid in dying in the short and long-term.”

Mr Robinson said: “The pro-suicide lobby is disregarding the genuine fear of so many people and is treating this crisis as an opportunity to further their agenda.

“This global crisis is a time to ensure that as many lives as possible are saved, not to be plotting to kill even more vulnerable people."

Scrambling to exploit the Coronavirus

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, many pro-death bodies have been scrambling to exploit the crisis.

Last week, as reported by SPUC, opportunistic pro-abortion bodies attempted to exploit the crisis in a bid to secure “telemedicine abortion.”

Telemedicine abortion would see women and girls obtain abortion drugs via Skype or Facetime instead of meeting with their doctor, and then perform their own DIY abortion at home. This would involve self-administering lethal abortion drugs with no medical supervision or care.

These calls were made by the pro-abortion bodies, Alliance for Choice, Abortion Rights Campaign and Abortion Support Network, which claim to be “concerned” over the disruption that travel restrictions could cause to abortion procedures.

SPUC slammed the advances of the pro-abortion bodies as “shameless” and “debased.”