Pro-abortion lobby FAILS to hijack Coronavirus Bill: UK abortion regulations will not be expanded

25 March 2020


The UK pro-abortion lobby’s attempt to hijack the Coronavirus Bill in order to expand abortion law has failed. Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said: “We are greatly relieved to announce that the pro-abortion lobby’s deplorable attempts to further radicalise abortion regulations has failed.”

Leading UK abortion provider, BPAS, lobbied MPs to make representations to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to amend the Coronavirus Bill in their favour. 

If successful, these amendments would have included the implementation of DIY abortion. This would have seen women and girls obtain abortion drugs via Skype or Facetime instead of meeting with their doctor, and then perform their own DIY abortion at home with no medical supervision or care.

Mobilised MPs, media and supporters

Mr Robinson said: “We are greatly relieved to announce that the pro-abortion lobby’s attempt to hijack the Coronoavirus Bill has failed. This was in a huge part down to you, our loyal and dedicated supporters. As soon as the policy was announced, we mobilised MPs, wrote to media outlets and supporters in constituencies around the country to ensure there was a clear backlash against any moves to further radicalise the UK’s abortion regime.

“This radical and most disturbing policy would have also have placed more women at risk. The removal of any direct medical supervision overseeing the use of both abortion pills could have seen a rise of physical and physiological complications experienced by women. Specifically, the document permitted consultations with a doctor to also take place via a video link or telephone, rather than face-to-face.

“The abortion industry never sleeps and therefore we must all remain ever vigilant in thwarting all future attacks on the unborn child.”