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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Young professionals

After having been involved in their university pro-life society, many people graduate from university, begin working and thereby end their pro-life activism. This is a great loss to the pro-life movement. Pro-life activism does not have to end at university.

There are different ways that one becomes actively pro-life at university: one may come to the pro-life point of view through studies or through interaction with other pro-life students on campus. Some people may have grown up in pro-life families, but come to see for themselves the importance of defending the vulnerable and helpless in society because of experiences at university.

No matter how your pro-life involvement comes about, it is very important to be vocal on campus.  However, to end your involvement in the pro-life movement because you are no longer a student is unnecessary and very damaging to the pro-life cause, which needs all young people to continue their activism into their working lives. 

Similarly, if you have not been to university, but have continued your education in other ways or if you have begun your career immediately after finishing school, the pro-life cause also needs you! Every pro-life person can, and should, bring their skills to the pro-life movement.

The next generation of the pro-life movement

At present, there are many opportunities for young people to take over from the older generation in a host of roles in the pro-life movement at the local and national level, particularly at the branch level. SPUC branches have long been the instruments of change in the UK, bearing witness to the sanctity of human life, lobbying during elections and in the run-up to debates on major legislation, sponsoring students to attend the youth conference and recruiting new activists from across the country.

If you are young and willing to commit to protecting the weakest of the weak, please join your local SPUC branch, and bring your pro-life friends. Branches are vital to SPUC’s work and need to be run by committed individuals. Their activities are many and varied and include leafleting, fundraising, running stalls at local events, organising and giving talks in local schools, lobbying politicians and writing letters to newspapers.

In short, SPUC branches push back against a culture (and too often, a government) which is anti-life. They are absolutely vital to the continuance of a strong and powerful pro-life movement in the UK. During a recent campaign against the Rob Marris assisted suicide legislation, branches were involved in distributing over 100,000 SPUC leaflets.

To find out where your nearest branch is located, please contact us.

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