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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Young people

Delegates at the 2014 Youth Conference

Today, more than ever, it is vital that there is a strong youth movement working towards the protection of human life in the UK. Once upon a time, young people were seen and not heard. Now, the voice of the youth is one of the most powerful tools in affecting change at a societal and legislative level.

Much has been made of the influence of social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, amongst many others, are certainly useful and help to spread the pro-life message to those who would never otherwise hear the arguments in favour of a return to the protection of the family unit and of all human life at all stages. Consider the way in which the rainbow flag has been used on social media to spread acceptance of same-sex marriage. Youth who are unashamedly pro-life, pro-family and want to protect the traditional meaning of marriage can witness to friends, family and even co-workers, simply by the profile pictures they choose to use.     

However, the traditional means of campaigning remain relevant today and are sometimes a better means of debating about subjects which are so fraught with emotion. Activities like leafleting, giving out information on the street, running stalls, hosting debates, establishing pro-life societies at schools, colleges and universities, fundraising and pro-life chains are all tried-and-tested means of pro-life evangelisation. Debates which have a tendency to turn nasty online can often be conducted in a civil manner in person, when one has the tools of a foetal model set, a leaflet with statistics, or even just a friendly smile.

SPUC youth activities include the annual Youth Conference, an annual internship, bi-annual university speaker tours, short-term work experience and free literature for your university, school or group. SPUC also offers its own speakers free-of-charge to pro-life groups or individuals organising talks and debates. 

If you'd like to organise a youth event with an SPUC speaker, deliver leaflets, establish a youth group, run a pro-life chain, or if you need support and materials, just get in touch!

Phone: 020 7091 7091

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