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Defending life from the moment of conception

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Become a SPUC member

Help protect unborn children by joining Britain's biggest and oldest pro-life organisation.

Everything we do depends on our members - on pro-life volunteers working in their local communities to save lives and doing what they can to end abortion. We don't receive any funding from the government or big businesses; instead, we're relying on your support to fund our work. Becoming a member of SPUC is one way you can help to support our campaigns in defence of human life.

So take one simple step now and become a SPUC member like Archie (below).

Membership pack & other entitlements

Once you've signed up, if you want to do more to help end abortion you can also get involved in your local branch.

Once you join, you'll receive the Pro-Life Times newspaper twice yearly, a special membership 'Tiny Feet' pin badge, as well as opportunities to shape the policy of the Society and play an important role in how it is governed.

And of course, you know that every penny you give is going towards a good cause: the defence of innocent human lives.

Ready to defend life at 104

Archie Campbell Murdoch

SPUC's oldest activist is always quick off the mark to write to his MP whenever he receives an alert for pro-life action. At 104 years old, Archie Campbell Murdoch, who lives in Salisbury, also hands out copies of the Pro-Life Times at his local church.

Born in Casablanca, Archie lived through 2 world wars. He was a professional musician and spent most of his career teaching music, including to children with learning disabilities.

Archie was married at 21, but he and his wife couldn't have children. He upholds the right to life because, he says, "these children are alive and they are being killed by abortion".

Join to save lives

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Join to save lives

Fr. Gerard Wilberforce

I am often asked what would be the campaigns my great-great-grandfather would be fighting if he were alive in 21st-century Britain ... at the top of the list, would be the issue of abortion