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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Project Truth

The Project Truth Roadshow is a youth-led campaign which SPUC Scotland has been running each summer since 2013.

Young people from all over the UK gather to spend the second week of August travelling around Scotland's towns and cities, to bring the pro-life message to the public with real joy: because life is beautiful.

Read about the 2017 Roadshow!

‘For some of us…10 weeks is a lifetime’

Project Truth is a great way to break through the negative stereotypes, connect with members of the public and spread a positive pro-life message.

The roadshow focuses on the development of the child in the womb up to 10 weeks gestation, because this is when most abortions take place in Scotland. The leaflets we give out simply contain the development facts of the baby in the first 10 weeks of their life in the womb (facts that many people will not know). Because 10 weeks from conception the baby already has:

  • a heartbeat
  • arms and legs
  • fingers and toes
  • all of their bodily organs
  • eyes
  • a nose
  • ears
  • and a smile

For more information about next year's roadshow, contact Louise Grant on You can also read more on SPUC Scotland's website

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Jim Hughes

Young people, you are not the future of the pro-life movement - you are the present!