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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Pro-Life Chains


Every year, we hold pro-life chains across the country to mark the passing of the Abortion Act coming into force on the 27th of April 1968.

Please note that the pro-life chain in your area may not take place exactly on the 27th of April, but on a proximal date. Please contact your local branch for details of your nearest pro-life chain. 

Our pro-life chains are designed to be a silent yet powerful witness to the sanctity of human life. They help to raise awareness of the great evil of abortion as well as the harm it causes to mothers, fathers and society in general.

A pro-life chain consists of a continuous line of volunteers silently holding placards with pro-life slogans to the view of passing traffic and is normally organised by the local SPUC branch working together with SPUC headquarters. However, anyone can get in touch with HQ to organise a chain in their area.

Spreading a message of life

Our SPUC placards feature slogans which communicate the pro-life message in a way which raises awareness that abortion is wrong, but also seeks to help those parents who have chosen, or may in the future choose, to abort their child. For this reason, the placards advertise the Abortion Recovery Care and Helpine (ARCH) telephone number - a helpline where assistance in the form of counselling is provided to those who are suffering to deal with the harm caused by abortion.

Ettore Finaldi, a GCSE student in South East London who took part in London's 2015 pro-life chain, said:

"Pro-life chains are a great way to raise awareness about abortion. However, to really make a difference, we should have them all over the country to be seen by as many eyes as possible".

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