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Defending life
from conception to natural death


We Care About Women: Mass Letter-Writing Campaign

SPUC is holding a Mass Letter-Writing Campaign to oppose decriminalising abortion.

It is vital for SPUC supporters to write to their MP at this time

  • We are facing the very real threat that abortion could be decriminalised in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Pro-abortions MPs are determined to find ways to decriminalise abortion as soon as possible. We could be facing dangerous proposals in Parliament this autumn. That is why we must act now to influence MPs before any legislative proposals come before Parliament.

You can find out who your MP is and his/her pro-life voting record here.

Is it worth writing to my MP?

If you are wondering whether to write to your MP, please select from the options below to find the answer:

Should I write if my MP is ?

My MP is pro-life – should I write?

  • Yes! Pro-life MPs need the support of their constituents to maintain their pro-life stance.
  • Pro-life MPs love to receive letters from pro-life constituents that they can quote from in Parliament.

My MP is pro-abortion – should I write?

  • Yes! Even if your MP is completely opposed to the pro-life position, it is very important that he/she receives 45 letters on abortion decriminalisation. This will show your MP that there are people in his/her constituency who really care about this issue.

My MP sits on the fence – should I write?

  • Yes! Your letter could really make a difference to an MP who is non-commital about this important matter. 45 letters from concerned constituents could make a big difference.

What should I say in my letter?

Download SPUC’s 'We Care About Women' briefing booklet from the form below to help you to write your letter.

Ask your MP to give you a commitment that he/she will oppose any moves to decriminalise abortion.

How do I make my letter personal?

A personal story will make your letter truly personal. Please consider including any brief personal stories or experiences in your letter. This could be something that happened in your family or to friends or acquaintances. You may feel able to write about an abortion which you or someone you know regrets or the happy outcome of crisis pregnancy. You may want to change the names in your story (you should indicate that you have done so). You can also tell your MP that you are happy for him/her to use your story publicly, for example quoting from your letter in the House of Commons. Or you can ask your MP to keep your letter confidential.

Personal stories make a huge impact and will help your MP understand how important it is to protect unborn babies and their mothers.

Personal stories can help to bring about change. For example, we saw how powerful the impact of personal stories was in the campaign against the infamous ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’.

Where should I send my letter to my MP?

Please post your letter to the House of Commons. MPs respond to their mail throughout the summer recess.

You can use the envelope provided by SPUC as part of this campaign (please see 'Get the materials' below). Just add the name of your MP on the envelope.

If you do not have the special envelope provided by SPUC for this campaign, simply send your letter to:

(insert name of MP)

House of Commons

London SW1A 0AA

DO NOT send your letter to your MP’s local constituency office. Send your letter to your MP at the House of Commons address above.

What else should I do?

  • Spread this message far and wide among your family, friends, church and contacts.
  • Promote this campaign among those you know in neighbouring constituencies.
  • Please send copies of any reply you receive from your MP to:

SPUC, 3 Whitacre Mews, Stannary Street, London SE11 4AB.

It is very important that we see copies of all letters from MPs on this issue

Get the materials

We have produced a briefing to help you write to your MP, which you can download below. You can also use the form at the side of the page (below on mobile) to order a Mass letter-writing pack, including:

  • A briefing to help you write to your MP
  • Guidelines for SPUC's 2018 mass letter-writing campaign against abortion decriminalisation
  • House of Commons pre-addressed envelope

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Maria Caulfield MP?

Too often today, debates about abortion—about the risks involved and the rights of the unborn child—are shut down; but I, and many colleagues who share my views, will not be silenced as we seek to be a voice for the voiceless, and as we argue for more modern and humane abortion law that upholds not only the dignity and rights of women but the dignity and rights of the unborn child.