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Defending life from the moment of conception


Defend Unborn Children in Northern Ireland

On Tuesday 9 February MLAs in Stormont are scheduled to debate pro-abortion proposals. Unborn children in Northern Ireland have never been in greater danger.

The proposals to change the law have been tabled by Alliance Party and Green Party MLAs, and if selected and voted upon would become part of the present Justice Bill.

The amendments would allow abortion of babies with life-limiting disabilities and those babies conceived by criminal acts (rape or incest). These are the most vulnerable of unborn children, but if their legal protection is denied, the legal protection of all unborn children is brought into question. You can download a short briefing about the proposals below (scroll down).

Please act to maintain the substantial legal protection of unborn children in Northern Ireland

Please write to, telephone or email your MLAs, asking them to vote against the pro-abortion proposals.

You can find their names by using:, and their contact address, telephone number or email address from the Northern Ireland Assembly website: (select "YOUR MLAs" in the main menu, then "MLAs" in the drop-down menu. Select "search by" constituency or surname, then view "contact" for the address etc., of each MLA).

The address to write to at Stormont is: Parliament Buildings, Ballymiscaw, Stormont, Belfast, BT4 3XX

"Mockery of the legislative process"

Liam Gibson, SPUC's Northern Ireland development officer:

"Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this attack on the rights of unborn children is its timing. Last November a High Court judge ruled that human rights law permits the abortion of seriously disabled babies or those said to be conceived in rape. But that decision is being challenged in the Court of Appeal. Without waiting to see if the judgement will be overturned, a number of radically pro-abortion politicians are now trying to rush through legislation which is discriminatory, vague and could potentially introduce widespread abortion.

"It is a mockery of the legislative process to table proposals on such an important issue just one week before a vote.

"Only last year the Northern Ireland Department of Justice held a public consultation on similar proposals and over 97 percent of responses rejected any change in the law. We need a similar effort now to lobby the Assembly in the coming days ‎if we are to save the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our community."

Contact SPUC

If you have difficulty accessing the information or don't have access to the internet, please contact SPUC's Northern Ireland office on 02890 778018, or SPUC HQ in London: 020 7091 7091 or 07939 178719.

Ask your MLAs to oppose abortion and uphold the right to life for everyone. Disabled babies are human too. Rape and incest are shameful acts, but abortion creates more victims, and heals no-one.

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