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Home Office Review: Write to your MP

Home Secretary Amber Rudd doesn’t want to hear from pro-lifers and won’t say how much money her review into “harassment and intimidation” outside abortion clinics is costing

Peaceful, pro-life vigils outside abortion centres and hospitals have saved thousands of babies and their mothers from abortion. But now these life-saving, prayerful vigils are under attack from the highest authority.

On Sunday 26 November 2017, the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP, announced a review into "harassment and intimidation near abortion clinics".

This review aimed to:

  • Gather evidence from police forces, healthcare providers and local authorities.
  • Gather ‘detailed evidence and firm recommendations’ to allow the government ‘to take the right action to tackle this problem’.
  • Consider what further action the government can take, which could include bolstering or creating new police and civil powers.

We want to bring you up-to-date with the latest development regarding this review. Pro-Life MP Mary Glindon, a friend of SPUC, asked a series of Parliamentary questions about the review (see "Grouped Questions" as well). And she has received some shocking answers.

Firstly, the Home Office completely ignored a question asking about the timetable for the review and what funding the Home Secretary had allocated for the review.

Secondly, the Home Office failed to respond to the request that the groups outside the abortion clinics should be part of the review. The review only wants to hear from “the police, healthcare workers and local authorities”.

Thirdly, in reply to a question about how many individuals have been prosecuted and convicted for alleged harassment and intimidation outside abortion facilities, the Home Office stated that it “does not hold information requested”.

So in summary:

  • There are no records available of anyone being prosecuted and convicted for harassment and intimidation outside an abortion clinic.
  • The Home Office is not interested in hearing from those who help desperate women through holding peaceful vigils outside clinics.
  • We have no idea what this review is costing taxpayers.

Please contact your MP about this matter, if you have not done so already.

To help you write your letter I am providing:

You can use the write to your MP function on our website, or you can find your MP's contact details on the Parliament website.

Please circulate this urgent Action Alert to your pro-life friends, family and contacts.

The Home Office is describing the review as an "in-depth assessment of protests outside abortion clinics, following reports that some women have been subjected to harassment and intimidating behaviour from protestors when visiting family planning clinics to seek information, advice and services from medical professionals". This description begs a number of questions:

  • How “in-depth” can this review be if pro-life groups cannot participate?
  • How does “some women” who say they have intimidated, compared with the hundreds of women whose lives have been turned round for the better thanks to pro-life help?
  • How much “information, advice and services” are given to women, other than to hurry them through an abortion?

Please send the response you receive from your MP to

Many thanks to all those who have already contacted their MP asking him/her to write to Amber Rudd objecting to the terms of the review.

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Maria Caulfield MP?

Too often today, debates about abortion—about the risks involved and the rights of the unborn child—are shut down; but I, and many colleagues who share my views, will not be silenced as we seek to be a voice for the voiceless, and as we argue for more modern and humane abortion law that upholds not only the dignity and rights of women but the dignity and rights of the unborn child.