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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Say No to Buffer Zones

SPUC members - and supporters of other pro-life groups - stand up for unborn children in many ways. One of the great successes in recent years has been the witness given by pro-life groups across the country through peaceful vigil outside abortion clinics.

There are children today who owe their very lives to the courage of these volunteers, standing out in all weathers and sometimes facing abuse from members of the public or even from officials.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) - the abortion chain responsible for 65,000 abortions each year in the UK - is lobbying for the introduction of "buffer zones" to ban pro-lifers from standing outside their premises. BPAS stands to lose out financially every time a woman is helped to choose life for her baby. On average, each time a woman decides not to proceed with an abortion the clinic in question stands to lose more than £500 in revenue.

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This little girl is alive today because her Mum was helped by a pro-life pavement counsellor

Commercial abortion clinics around the country perform about 2,400 abortions per week. These clinics are demanding that the government make it illegal for a lone pro-life pavement counsellor to stand peacefully near an abortion clinic.

Pro-life pavement counsellors cause no obstruction but simply offer help, without coercion, to women who are considering abortion. Many women decide to keep their babies when they find that help is available. In contrast, the clinics, which offer no alternatives, receive on average over £600 for an abortion.

If you believe that pro-life volunteers should have the freedom of speech, to be allowed to stand outside abortion clinics and offer life-saving alternatives to pregnant mothers contemplating abortion, then sign our petition now.

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Petition against Buffer Zones

We the undersigned call upon the Home Secretary to reject calls to make it illegal for peaceful pavement counsellors to offer pro-life alternatives near abortion clinics:

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I am eternally grateful for the help SPUC gave me and for giving hope to many mothers, who like me, may find themselves pregnant and alone with no one to turn to