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Defending life
from conception to natural death


2017 General Election Campaign

SPUC has launched its General Election 2017 campaign. The aim of the campaign is to help elect MPs who will defend the right to life of unborn children and other vulnerable people.

We appreciate that there is not much time before the election on 8 June 2017. However, you may feel able to undertake one or more of the actions we suggest in this campaign alert. Whatever you can do will make a difference.

1. Find out candidates' views on abortion and assisted suicide

A really important activity is find out the voting intentions of the candidates standing in your constituency on pro-life issues. On this occasion we are not asking you to interview sitting MPs as we already have their voting records.

The two questions we would like you to ask candidates are:

  1. Would you vote to support or oppose decriminalising abortion i.e. removing all restrictions on abortion?
  2. Would you vote to support or oppose any move to legalise assisted suicide?

Here are guide notes to help you put these questions to the candidates in your constituency: SPUC GUIDE NOTES ON INTERVIEWING ELECTION CANDIDATES IN ENGLAND AND WALES 

Please use the form: QUESTIONS TO PUT TO CANDIDATES to record the answers and return the questionnaire to us.

We will collate all the responses from candidates and make the information available to those who enquire about candidates’ voting intentions. You will be able to see the voting record of sitting MPs here.

2. Give out “Value your vote” leaflets

We have a "Value your Vote" leaflet available for distribution door-to-door, at churches and elsewhere. Use the form on the side of this page to order as many copies as you need. 

3. Get our briefings on the key pro-life election issues

We have briefings on the subject of the two questions we are asking you to put to candidates. You can download them using the control below.

Special note on election expenditure

Please avoid incurring any specific costs in relation to your election campaign locally unless you have agreed the expenditure with SPUC HQ first. We have to abide by the strict rules on election campaign.

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Our “Value your vote” leaflet is available for distribution door-to-door, at churches and elsewhere. Order here.
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