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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Campaign with us

SPUC is a grass-roots campaigning organisation, which means that we seek to motivate and equip pro-life people all over the country to support the pro-life cause, get involved in our campaigns, and hold lawmakers and others to account.

When it comes to simple initiatives like voting for or against a bill, we produce flyers to alert people to what is happening, urging them to contact their elected representatives and ask them to vote for life. These are given out widely by our active members.

We inform people by organising petitions and issuing publications to help people understand how government policies can affect, for example, pregnant teenagers or doctors counselling them. And through tried-and-tested campaigning methods such as letter-writing and peaceful demonstrations, our members raise awareness of the latest pro-life issues.

We also work with teachers, medics and other professionals to ensure that the pro-life message is heard in specialist and professional forums.

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