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Education and Support

At SPUC, we work with people from all walks of life to create a culture that values human life and dignity at all ages.

No-one grows up wanting to have an abortion. But too often it feels like there's no other choice. But there are alternatives - and at SPUC, we help mothers and fathers to choose life for their baby. Read more under “Help and Support ”. Through our sister organisation ARCH , we also offer support to women and men suffering after an abortion.

Our Patients First Network also helps families and friends of vulnerable patients who fear they may be at risk of euthanasia.

Find out how SPUC can support you – and how you can support SPUC! – using the image links below.

Help and Support

Final alternatives
There is always an alternative to abortion

An unplanned pregnancy can be a shock, and you may not know how to feel or what to do next. No-one grows up wanting to have an abortion. But too often it feels like there's no other choice.

There are alternatives to abortion - Women facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy who contact SPUC are always treated in a loving way. Special care is taken to refer them to pro-life caring organisations which can give them the expert help they derserve.

After abortion

Through our sister organisation ARCH , we offer support to women (and men!) suffering after an abortion. ARCH (Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline) can be reached on 0845 603 8501

Concerns about euthanasia

Patients First Network helps you to let healthcare workers know how you expect to be treated in hospital at the end of life. Patients First Network also advises and supports worried friends and relatives of vulnerable people in hospital.

PFN Telephone support service: 020 8407 3463

Young people

Delegates at the 2014 Youth Conference

Today, more than ever, it is vital that there is a strong youth movement working towards the protection of human life in the UK. Once upon a time, young people were seen and not heard. Now, the voice of the youth is one of the most powerful tools in affecting change at a societal and legislative level.

If you'd like to organise a youth event or a debate with a SPUC speaker, deliver leaflets, establish a youth group, run a pro-life chain, or if you need support and materials, just get in touch!

To the internet!

Much has been made of the influence of social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are certainly useful and help to spread the pro-life message to those who would never otherwise hear it. Consider the way in which the symbols like the rainbow flag have been used on social media to spread acceptance of same-sex marriage, and other ideas. Youth who are unashamedly pro-life and pro-family can also witness to friends, family and co-workers, simply by the profile pictures and profile picture frames they choose to use.

Taking it offline

However, the traditional means of campaigning remain relevant today and are sometimes a better means of debating about subjects which are so fraught with emotion. Debates which have a tendency to turn nasty online can often be conducted in a civil manner in person, equipped with a foetal model set, a leaflet with statistics, or even just a friendly smile.

Project Truth Volunteer

Activities like leafleting, giving out information on the street, running stalls, hosting debates, establishing pro-life societies at schools, colleges and universities, fundraising and pro-life chains are all tried-and-tested means of pro-life evangelisation which SPUC conducts all over the UK.

Supporting youth

SPUC youth activities include the annual Youth Conference, an annual internship , bi-annual university speaker tours, short-term work experience and free literature for your university, school or group. SPUC also offers its own speakers free-of-charge to pro-life groups or individuals organising talks and debates. 

If you'd like to organise a youth event with an SPUC speaker, deliver leaflets, establish a youth group, run a pro-life chain, or if you need support and materials, just get in touch!

Phone: 020 7091 7091

Local Communities

SPUC works to develop a pro-life presence at the local level, all over the UK.

Membership of SPUC is open to all who support the society's aims. The society has thousands of members throughout the UK.

A branch of SPUC is a group of SPUC members working in unison with the society as a whole to gain the protection of the law for all unborn children. It is the local organ of the society, raising awareness, raising funds and influencing the community through leafleting, letters to the local press and organising public events. Find out more…

The UK’s local pro-life group

Most branches of SPUC form part of regions, which enable branches to work together on major campaigns, and organise speakers' courses to ensure the availability of trained speakers in the region. Regional committees also elect representatives to serve on the society's national council. SPUC’s national council is the society's policy-making body. The intake of council members from the regions ensures democracy in the society's policy-making.

Schoolchildren 2

Children should not be exposed to inappropriate sex education

SPUC Safe at School offers support and advice to parents where the sex and relationships education (SRE) in their child's school is inappropriate or unacceptable to them. We can advise parents about their legal rights and suggest ways in which parents can protect their children.

SPUC are also able to support parents looking to take the lead on educating their children on the development of the unborn child and the right to life. Ask about our educational resources.

SPUC Safe at School advises all parents to find out at the beginning of the school year when SRE will be taught, if it is taught, in their child's school. Parents should ask to see all the resources - DVDs, workbooks etc. - which will be used in the classroom, as well as finding out whether any outside speakers come into the school to talk to pupils on puberty or sexual matters. Parents can then make an informed decision about whether to exercise their legal right to withdraw their children.

Speakers from SPUC Safe at School are happy to talk to groups of parents and others who are concerned about this issue. Parents wishing to organise a meeting should contact SPUC Safe at School on 020 8407 3463

Healthcare Professionals

Doctor 1

Doctors who uphold the right to life should be protected

SPUC seeks to support doctors, nurses and midwives who protect and value human life.

The medical standards of the western world have rejected abortion and euthanasia since the time of Ancient Greece. The Hippocratic Oath forbids doctors to engage in abortion or providing lethal drugs.

SPUC works to help GPs resist the pressure to refer all women with an 'unwanted' pregnancy for abortion. Contact us if you’d like to find out more.

Government pressure

Doctors and medical students come under pressure to participate in abortion and other anti-life practices, especially from the Department of Health's Sexual Health Team, which is responsible for the government's abortion policy. The Sexual Health Team demands that doctors make abortion as widely available as possible.

Doctors, nurses and midwives are trained to care for the sick and save lives, not to kill either before or after birth. SPUC upholds the Hippocratic tradition and supports the right to life for everyone, and supports healthcare professionals in their efforts to do the same. We are concerned especially to protect their rights of conscientious objection to abortion, both in general and under the provisions of the conscience clause in the Abortion Act.