SPUC ongoing campaigns

Safe at School

Safe at School campaign is run by SPUC and coordinated by Antonia Tully. We advise and support parents and teachers who are concerned about the explicit nature of sex education in schools, which is priming children from the age of five to become sexually active. Programmes which have caused considerable concern include Living and Growing and The christopher Winter Project. Parents are also worried that contraception and abortion services are being promoted in secondary schools. Full details at the Safe at School webpage


Maternal health in the developing world

This campaign begun in July 2011 with two weeks of street outreach across central London, raising awareness about the plight of mothers in the developing world. Later in 2011 SPUC published an in-depth briefing paper exposing how western governments and NGOs are exporting and imposing contraception and abortion upon the developing world. A presentation on the pro-life response to maternal health, as opposed to the harmful policies and practices of many western governments and NGOs was also published. Both documents will equip SPUC members and lobbyists with the information they need to bring about effective change. These documents will also prepare readers for the SPUC March 2012 conference "Abortion or Maternal Health: what should the UK be funding in developing countries?" > More


9 Million Children

We estimate that by the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act coming into effect (27 April 2018) nine million unborn children will have been killed by abortion. By April 2018, we must aim to build a campaign enabling us to deliver nine million leaflets to nine million homes in one leaflet drop in order to convince the British public that abortion is a tragedy that they must help to bring to an end. We urgently need to increase public awareness of the facts about unborn children and abortion. We need to get the pro-life message to ordinary people. We must aim to build up a grassroots campaign that will awake the sleeping giant of the pro-life movement. Contact Isaac Spencer at isaacspencer@spuc.org.uk if you can help establish a Nine Million Children campaign group in your area, delivering leaflets door-to-door two or three times a year.


Lobbying in the UK, EU, and UN

UK: SPUC maintains that all unborn children are entitled to the protection of the law. At constituency level, branches and individual members of SPUC lobby their members of parliament on right-to-life issues. SPUC promotes the importance of the civil right and duty to lobby elected representatives and encourages its members and the public to make representations, as appropriate, to councillors and to members of the European parliament, Scottish parliament, and Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies, as well as to their MP.  SPUC encourages people who are pro-life to join the political party of their choice, since these are the fora in which individuals can work most effectively in the political field for the good of society, including the right to life of the unborn baby.

EUROPE: SPUC monitors developments in the European Parliament and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. SPUC works with MEPs and PACE delegates to promote pro-life measures in Europe. The society makes available its advice and assistance for pro-life initiatives in other countries in collaboration with overseas colleagues. SPUC monitors the voting records of MEPs on abortion, embryo experimentation, euthanasia, and is thus able to inform the public of what their elected representatives have done on these issues.

UNITED NATIONS: The SPUC Educational Research Trust sends delegates to United Nations conferences to lobby delegates, promote the right to life, and disseminate the results of research on demographic, health, and human rights issues. Pro-life groups attending the UN monitor conference documents for language which could be used to promote abortion as a human right, and assist developing nations to oppose the imposition of abortion on their countries, contrary to their legal, ethical and religious traditions.