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Abortion clinic "protest" review: Please respond!

A letter of gratitude from a mother who was helped by Clare McCullough of the Good Counsel Network, who run the Women's Centre in central London 

SPUC appeals to anyone who takes part in pro-life vigils to respond to this latest consultation. 

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has launched a national consultation, titled “Abortion Clinic Protest Review”, which is seeking the views of those “who have experience of protest activity outside abortion clinics”.

SPUC appealing to anyone who takes part in pro-life vigils to respond to this latest consultation. Please download our briefing notes (below) which tell you how you can respond to this consultation. The forms can be downloaded using the form below.

As you know SPUC has been running a major campaign to safeguard peaceful pro-life vigils. Indeed, this consultation is largely a result of our successful campaign calling on Amber Rudd to take into account the views of those organising and participating in pro-life vigils.

If you do take part in pro-life vigils anywhere in England or Wales, please take the time to make a submission. As we say in the briefing notes, sharing personal experiences of taking part in pro-life vigils will tell the government the real truth about the pro-life witness events outside abortion clinics under investigation.

Why buffer zones and other measures must be opposed

The points below are just some of the reasons why we must oppose buffer zones:

  • Buffer zones will deprive many women of the life-saving help they cannot get anywhere else
  • Buffer zones would mean that a peaceful, non-threatening person could not stand near the entrance to an abortion clinic. Standing further away would make it difficult if not impossible to approach the women who need help
  • Buffer zones would stop law-abiding citizens from offering help to people in need
  • The introduction of buffer zones means that the state would be stopping people of faith from exercising the duties dictated by their religion to care for those in need 
  • Freedom of speech is also under attack in the campaign to impose buffer zones

If you have any queries or would like help to make a submission to this consultation, please contact Antonia Tully on 020 8407 3463

How can I respond?

Please respond before the 19th of February 2018

You can respond by completing the online survey at: Or you can send a response by email to:

You can also post a response to: Abortion Clinic Protest Review Team, Police Powers Unit, Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF

Please download the briefing for more information.


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