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Defending life
from conception to natural death


SPUC Evangelicals

SPUC's Evangelical division was established in order to spread the pro-life message specifically to Evangelical Christians, and to support Evangelical pro-lifers to be active in opposing abortion through their churches and communities.

While SPUC is a non-religious organisation, we also recognise that it is important for individual pro-lifers who are religious to be able to reach out to their fellow believers and explain why the Christian message must include respect for human life at all stages of development.

SPUC Evangelicals was formed in 1991 and is a member organisation of the Evangelical Alliance.


  • To promote the biblical understanding of the sanctity of human life, as it is set out in the Basis of Action (below).
  • To work with churches, societies and other bodies having an Evangelical presence so that they may fulfil their task of defending unborn children.
  • To assist individual Christians in taking a pro-life stand.

Basis of Action

In accordance with the witness of Scripture, we believe:

  • That God made man in his own image.
  • That the Son of God became flesh in the womb of his mother, so sharing our humanity from the time of conception.
  • That every human life from conception to death, without exception, therefore has an intrinsic dignity and is to be respected.
  • That the widespread abuse and destruction of unborn children therefore constitute a flagrant offence against almighty God.
  • That obedience to God's Word and compassion for the victims of this offence require Christians to speak out against the abuse and destruction of unborn children and to seek their protection.

Membership is open to members of SPUC who are in agreement with the Basis of Action and wish to pursue the Aims.


SPUC Evangelicals:

  • Produce a quarterly Prayer Newsletter keeping supporters up to date with pro-life issues.
  • Have a stand at the Christian Resource Exhibition twice a year, and at some Bible Weeks.
  • Are seeking to form prayer groups throughout the country.
  • Operate an email and telephone prayer chain for emergency prayer requests.
  • Offer speakers who come into Churches, mid-week meetings, youth groups and schools.
  • Have published the video And Still They Weep. This is a major educational resource, and comes with a study guide.
  • Respond to articles in the press and other media.
  • Intend to have training days nation-wide.
  • Hope to hold a national Evangelical pro-life conference

Joining SPUC Evangelicals

If you would like to join SPUC Evangelicals, please contact Katherine Hampton on:

Phone: 020 7820 3137

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International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life

Christopher Hitchens

[an] unborn child seems to me to be a real concept. It's not a growth or an appendix. You can't say the rights question doesn't come up