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Defending life
from conception to natural death



Curious baby
Every abortion kills a living human being

SPUC represents a voice for the unborn. We promote awareness of the humanity of the unborn child to encourage more widespread recognition of the obligation to defend those with no means to defend themselves.

The way that unborn children develop in the womb is a scientific marvel to behold. Tragically, this is ignored by the abortion industry and those who campaign for the 'right to choose'. What about the child's choice?

The majority of women who undergo abortion in this country do so because of social and economic pressures - not because they want to kill their child. Shamefully, the abortion industry is colluding in this abuse of women and their babies.

552 every day

Abortion is the number one threat to unborn children in the UK today. 552 recorded abortions take place every single day.

Embryo abuseeuthanasia/assisted suicide and discrimination also pose a threat to respect for the right to life, and so we are involved in actively campaigning to protect the most vulnerable from attacks on their dignity.

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Dr. Bernard Nathanson

I ran the largest abortion clinic in the world for 2 years. I had no conflicts whatsoever at the time I was doing the abortions. I changed my mind because the new scientific data which we were getting from advanced technology persuaded me that we could not indiscriminately continue to slaughter what was demonstrably a human being