84% of the Scottish public are concerned that DIY home abortion could result in women being coerced into having an unwanted abortion, new polling has revealed.

Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said: “Coerced abortion is a serious form of domestic abuse. The Scottish Government’s reckless DIY home abortion regulations have abandoned vulnerable women to the power of abusive men.”

The concerns expressed by Scots were revealed in a Savanta ComRes poll, commissioned by SPUC, as the Scottish Government’s consultation on DIY home abortion came to an end.

The DIY home abortion programme means that women can get chemical abortion drugs following a phone or video call. Women are left to perform their own abortion at home without medical supervision or support. Women do not have the opportunity to meet a doctor in person, and the abortion drugs are delivered through the post.

The ComRes poll, which took place during December 2020, showed that more than eight in ten Scottish adults (84%) are concerned about women being at risk of being coerced into an abortion by a partner or family member, arising from a telemedicine abortion appointment where the doctor has not seen the woman in person.

Polling results also found that 86% of Scottish adults are concerned about women being at risk of an unwanted abortion in situations of domestic abuse.  where partners are controlling or monitoring a woman’s actions.

“DIY home abortion facilitates domestic abuse”

SPUC’s Mr Robinson said: “Home abortions facilitate a serious form of domestic violence by giving abusive men the opportunity to coerce women into abortion and to cover their tracks.

“The Government has handed vicious men the power to abuse women in one of the worst possible way.

“A WHO multi-country study of women’s health and domestic violence found that women with a history of intimate partner violence had increased odds of unintended pregnancy and almost three times the risk of abortion. The UK government’s permission for DIY home abortions throws women at risk to the wolves.

“The Scottish public clearly shows more concern for the health of women than their shameful elected representatives. The Government must listen to the voice of the people and reverse this dangerous policy.”


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