Pregnant women in the UK are now receiving by post lethal abortion drugs intended to kill their unborn children. Antonia Tully, SPUC Director of Campaigns said: “BPAS, Britain’s biggest abortion provider, has been quick to follow Marie Stopes UK in sending lethal abortion pills to women by post.  ‘Pills by post’ is the BPAS response to the Coronavirus lockdown. It seems that nothing must get in the way of women accessing abortion. Apart from the dangers involved, putting abortion drugs in the post, in the same way that so many other household items are delivered to people, sends a message to women that abortion is a trivial matter.”

 How it works

The abortion pills by post programme has been developed by the UK’s abortion giant, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS).

Women accessing the postal pills service do not need advice or guidance from a GP. Instead, they can telephone or video-call an abortion provider through a system known as ‘telemedical’ abortion. They will then be mailed lethal abortion drugs through the post to perform their own abortion at home, without ever meeting with a doctor.

Abortion giant BPAS took to social media to flaunt the new programme, stating that they are “delighted” and “proud” to be delivering lethal drugs via postal service. Meanwhile, multiple pro-abortion advocacy groups, including Amnesty International and Abortion Rights Campaign, have taken to social media congratulating BPAS on the new programme.

The abortion pills by post programme was established following a recent government U-turn, as reported by SPUC, where the government permitted women to perform their own DIY abortion using abortion drugs at home.

No consultation, no safeguarding, no protection

SPUC have expressed multiple concerns regarding the safety of women and girls receiving drugs through the post. This includes the rise in domestic abuse and coercion amidst the Coronavirus crisis.

Mrs Tully said: “A phone consultation is a dangerous basis on which to make abortion pills available. It could be very difficult to make a proper assessment of the woman’s health condition over the phone. For example, if a woman has an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, such a system could allow the abortion to go ahead with life-threatening consequences.

“There will also be very little chance of establishing whether the woman is being coerced into abortion.

“We are seeing an increase in domestic abuse under the Coronavirus lockdown. My fear is that many women will be pressured into phoning for an abortion by abusive partners. We know that domestic violence is a huge indicator for abortion.”

Mrs Tully added: “Only last week, Lord Bethell, on behalf of the Government, spoke out against removing ‘the only opportunity many women have, often at a most vulnerable stage, to speak confidentially and one-to-one with a doctor about their concerns on abortion and about what the alternatives might be? The bottom line is that, if there is an abusive relationship and no legal requirement for a doctor’s involvement, it is far more likely that a vulnerable woman could be pressured into have an abortion by an abusive partner.’”





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