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The truth about pro-life vigils

Posted by John Edwards on 23 February 2018

40 Days for Life in Nottingham

The Queen’s Medical Centre is where the majority of abortions are carried out in Nottingham, writes John Edwards of SPUC Nottingham branch and local organiser of 40 Days for Life.

We at 40 Days for Life have been criticised for being present there, standing as we do at Leengate.

But let us be very clear - we are staging a vigil of prayer, not a protest.

We pray – for the unborn, and for their mothers, who are also harmed by abortion.

We are always peaceful - even when we are intimidated and abused by pro-abortion protesters, whose aim (publicly stated on social media) is to intimidate and harass us until we are forced to leave. The following clip shows a small slice of the intimidation we received two years ago.

In contrast to pro-abortion activists, we do not intimidate anyone.

If anyone approaches us, we will talk to them, and can direct women to sources of support to help them keep their baby if that is what they wish.

Many women around the country have been helped by such vigils.

The place where we pray is some distance away from the entrance to the Treatment Centre. We do not block the entrance.

We do not block access anywhere.

And we do not approach patients.

If patients or other members of the public approach us, we talk to them - unless they are abusive or threatening. In these circumstances we say nothing.

Known to be peaceful and law-abiding

During previous vigils, we have been approached by many patients, staff members, and members of the public, who expressed their support for what we were doing and welcomed and valued our dignified presence.

The local police have been clear that we have the right to be there, under the European Convention on Human Rights. Having monitored our vigils closely over the past two years, they can confirm that all our activities have been consistently peaceful and law abiding.

Among the many patients and staff who have approached us, there have been a number who disagreed with our view that abortion is wrong. But they were also anxious to say that they respected and supported our right to free speech, expressed peacefully and respectfully.

Who's intimidating women?

The intimidation of our peaceful, prayerful vigil continues. A few days ago Notts TV came to interview me at the vigil. The video below records how I was physically prevented from speaking by a young man, who denies intimidating women members of our vigil.  Notice our insertion in the clip, of a moment from the end of last year’s vigil, when the very same man was recorded intimidating the vigil and admitting it. Who do you think intimidates women?

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  • Watcher said:

    26/02/2018 19:29

    Discipline, patience, good manners, confidence and imperturbability – these are some of the excellent characteristics I saw in that first video, it always works. But as for that foul-mouthed lout with his hood pulled over, I’ll bet his mummy gives him what for when he gets home. It’ll be out with the carbolic soap for him. He too needs prayers.

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